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Featured Work

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and design excellence, we've partnered with business owners from an array of sectors including food, construction, finance, retail, and more.

Welcome to our Featured Work Session – a showcase of our dynamic collaboration with visionary business owners across diverse industries.

Bread Bowl 🇳🇴

Inspired by the famous clam chowder from San Francisco, SF Bread Bowl introduced this delightful concept to Norway. With our expertise in web design, we crafted a captivating website that shares their story...

Hayden AI 🇺🇸

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Tokuda Technology helped Hayden AI building Safe Sense App, a visionary app dedicated to revolutionizing traffic safety. The users can report hazards in real-time...

Mystic Cozy Corner 🇺🇸

Tokuda Technology embarked on a mission to foster growth and creativity in children. With a heartwarming approach, we crafted a nurturing and safe digital space that encourages children to explore their imagination fearlessly...

Ay Jalisco 🇺🇸

Tokuda Technology built an AI intro image of Ay! Jalisco's logo, which featured a Mexican mariachi playing an acoustic guitar. Using advanced AI image generation techniques, we created a captivating visual experience...


Arian Tokuda from Tokuda Technology collaborated with OneWorld SF to support USAID in building a fact sheet for their microbicide program strategy, with a critical focus on preventing HIV transmission...

Infinity Doctors 🇧🇷

Tokuda Technology embarked to rebuild the existing Infinity Doctors app, breathing new life into its interface. With our expertise in app design and user experience, we crafted a modern, clean, and simple design..

Bimotal 🇺🇸

Tokuda Technology played a significant role in Bimotal, the groundbreaking removable ebike motor and battery system. We crafted a captivating logo that perfectly captured the essence of their innovative product..

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